Energy prices and terms reflect supply and demand associated with available capacity from National Grid. Day, night, summer, winter price differentials and so called “Red Zone” charges, or peak maximum demands, reflect this well.

The ability to store and release energy at different times has not been possible until recently through the adoption of battery storage solutions. Battery storage can help shift your energy load from peak times to offset high usage charges on your bills (Red Zone Duos and Tuos charges), benefit from of day/night differential charging or even facilitate expansion on a grid constrained site.

Resilience to interrupted grid supply has traditionally focused on technologies such as diesel generators, which have also been utilised to support the grid in maintaining quality of supply. As the market moves towards the use of cleaner technologies, opportunities to access these income streams will diminish.

Your energy strategy needs to consider energy storage options. CarbonBit will create your storage plan to help reduce cost and secure supply.

Services and Skills

  • On Site Energy Storage applications and feasibility studies
  • Reducing energy costs through optimising time-based charges with storage assets
  • Managing site loads, time of use and storage techniques
  • Renewable integration with power loads
  • Standby power generation assets
  • Voltage and Frequency optimisation
  • Scope and Opportunities Assessment for storage technology

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