What is a “Sustainability Service Company” – how are you different from a regular engineering company who uses the same tech?

As a Sustainability Services Company, CarbonBit makes your buildings more sustainable now and for the future
“Sustainable” means different things to different people. In context of your buildings, allow us to explain what “sustainability” means to you. Then your sustainability journey is planned around the following:
– Environmental excellence
– Health and wellbeing and occupier experience
– Economically viable
“Sustainability Service” means we won’t just install new technology and leave after a one-time payment. Instead we accompany you every step of the way on your sustainability journey, taking on the technical and financial risks ourselves. This releases you from project management and monitoring – because we do it for you as part of the package.
This makes us different. CarbonBit plans, funds, executes, and maintains over the long term – so that you have environmentally efficient buildings that enhance the occupier experience. The Energy Performance Contracting Model is used to facilitate investment, meaning there is no cost to you. Guaranteed.

What is Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)?

EPC is a partnership between CarbonBit and you that enables the improvement of energy and water efficiency without any upfront capital costs or technical risks to you.

Under an EPC, we implement the best Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) for your site, that unlock immediate energy and cash savings. We have ready access to capital through our relationship with key project funders, so you don’t have to worry about funding the project yourself. The cost savings are then split between you, ourselves and the project investor.

This a win-win for all parties – you immediately benefit from cash savings and our financial and technical investment is recouped through the project lifecycle. At the end of the payback period, you benefit from the full cash savings and are owner of the technology. Throughout the project lifecycle, we treat the technology with care – we perform regular maintenance checks to ensure you the project is achieving the promised savings.

All technical and performance risks are all covered thanks to Energy Efficiency Insurance (EEI) from AAA+ rated insurer, HSB Engineering Insurance Ltd. EEI covers any performance related issues, including the shortfall in savings should this arise. We pay for this cover out of our own pocket so you, our valued customer, can sit back and benefit from improved performance of your site without worrying about the cost or the risks.

Why have I not heard of this service before?

The funded and managed sustainability service we offer has traditionally only been available to larger corporates or Public-Sector bodies. Even then, water efficiency has not been considered an option for funding. Our “Sustainability as a Service” fills the gap because we are linked with some innovative European funds, so we can offer a fully managed package on a much smaller scale as we accumulate them to make a larger pot.

Why can’t I outsource this project to my own contractor?

Simply put, the result will not be the same. Our service covers all bases from funding to implementation to maintenance. Broken down, this is what you can expect from us:

Engineering Expertise: This expertise will ensure you have access to the leading design engineers for any water or energy efficiency project. As accredited ICP recognized Project Developers and credentialed Quality Assurance Providers, we are recognized for following the leading, internationally recognized project design best practices known in the market.

Technology Agnostic: No two buildings are identical, and therefore no two solutions should be either – that is why we offer an independent technology audit and can propose a range of efficiency measures specific to your site and your needs as a user. We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions – our projects are site specific and we procure our technology accordingly.

Active site management: We don’t install and walk away. We treat your technology as our own and act as a facility manager throughout the duration of our contract.

Finance: We have a fund in place that enables us to cover all upfront costs of the project including technology, implementation, and maintenance. This means that you don’t have to choose between investing in efficiency or your core business – you can have both. The issue of capital is off the table.

Confidence: We cover the performance and savings of the project using HSB Energy Efficiency Insurance (EEI). Therefore, while we pride ourselves in superior project design and execution, nothing is left to chance.

How does CarbonBit get paid?

Through Energy Performance Contracting, CarbonBit recoups a portion of the cash generated through the energy savings on your monthly bills until the capital expenditure of the project is paid off. If our project doesn’t deliver the promised savings, you don’t pay. We are therefore totally invested in delivering on our promise and we will be transparent with you through every step so you can see the real savings the project generates.

Why not take out a bank loan?

A bank loan is debt on your balance sheet, whereas our offering provides an off-balance sheet finance solution that pays for the technology, installation and site management as an ongoing service. You therefore don’t take on any financial burden and also get a managed service that is performance backed by triple A rated insurer HSB Engineering Insurance Ltd.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We are simply committed to making sustainability accessible and reliable for you. We stand 100% behind our model, which covers everything from audit, design, procurement of equipment, installation, measurement and verification and finance. We have covered our bases with insurance, third party investment partnerships and standardized protocols so you can trust the process and immediately benefit from cash savings, improved comfort, increased asset value and long-term sustainability of your building.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here please email us at contacts@carbonbit.com or call us on 01772 970 210