Essential services for water supply, related drainage, sewerage and other waste disposal costs have quietly grown over recent years, with water charges often seeming disproportionate to your site usage. It is important to analyse and understand your bills. Through site development and operational changes, it is perhaps not unsurprising that, over time, current bills do not reflect current activity.

Since the April 2017 de-regulation of the water industry, there are new choices for retail and waste water services in England and Wales.

A combination of old technology, mechanical meters often with old pipe networks and historically poor controls, has limited management’s ability to control usage and manage wasted costs.

Reducing either water usage or waste water is an often overlooked way of reducing your operations carbon footprint.

Water Services

  • Validation & verification of current and historic invoicing
  • Site audits to reduce consumption
  • Cost reduction strategies including
    • Collection and onsite use of surface water
    • Leak detection and repair
    • Water Tendering
    • Alternative water sourcing including boreholes and abstraction
    • Sub metering & telemetry for improved monitoring and control
  • Engineering Services
    • Surface collection systems for process use
    • Boreholes
    • Water Treatment

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