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In our second post on the role of independent 3rd party verification we consider the benefits to third- party auditing for Corporates’ and SMEs’ GHG emissions inventory.

Objectivity is the key: an independent firm helps ensure that your GHG emissions inventory is not just accurate and reliable, but also aligned with respected reporting standards like the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and conforms to standards such as ISO 14064-3:2019.

Benefits of third-party verification include:

  •  Credibility Boost: Independent experts validate your GHG reduction claims
  •  Trust Building: Verified emissions data builds trust with clients, partners and stakeholders
  •  Accurate Reporting: Third-party verification ensures precise and consistent emissions reporting
  •  No Greenwashing Zone: Verification ensures your green claims are legitimate and guards against greenwashing accusations
  • Strong Reputation: Verified progress strengthens your environmental commitment
  •  Transparency Engagement: Verified data opens conversations with stakeholders, fostering meaningful connections
  •  Smart Strategies: Verification drives you to innovate and improve emission reduction tactics
  •  Sustained Growth: Third-party verification supports your long-term commitment to sustainability

In a world where environmental responsibility matters more than ever, third-party verification for GHG (GHG) emissions is not just a checkbox – it is a game changer for businesses of all sizes!

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