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Hello, my name is Roberto Cruz and I joined the Carbonbit team this week as an Energy and Sustainability Consultant. I have a background in Architecture, a degree in Construction Management, a Masters in Sustainable Architecture, and a PhD in how the built environment is contributing to environmental degradation. I have worked as an Architect and as a Construction Site manager for housing and retail projects overseas, and as a Sustainable Advisor for SMEs in the UK.

Sustainability is my passion and I understand the important role the built environment plays in the needed transition into a more environmentally friendly society. As part of my PhD, I worked with climate change models (thank you IPCC) that make it clearer than ever that we, as a society, should be looking into how we do things, and start working together to tackle the anthropogenic problem we have created for ourselves.

In the words of Sir David Attenborough, “This is not [just] about saving our planet, it’s about saving ourselves.”   I am very excited to be joining the Carbonbit team of amazing people and to be working with them towards a greener future for everyone.