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Embrace Sustainable Fashion: Style That Makes a Difference

Did you know: the world uses an estimated 80 billion pieces of clothing every year, a 400 percent increase from two decades ago! By extending the life of clothes by just 9 months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by circa 20-30% — WRAP.

In our latest post on the different ways we can adopt a sustainable lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint we consider fashion! Why does it matter?

Well, according to an article by carbonliteracy.com the fashion industry is the second-largest industrial polluter, accounting for 10% of global pollution, ranking higher than emissions from air travel!

We understand that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression and now, more than ever, it is essential to express our values through the choices we make. Enter sustainable fashion, where style meets conscious consumption, creating a positive impact on the planet. Let’s dive in.

Slow fashion is an aspect of sustainable fashion and the opposite to fast fashion. It is part of the “slow movement“, advocating for buying better-quality garments that will last longer and values the fair treatment of the environment and wider biodiversity.

Sustainable fashion prioritises:

  • ethical production
  • waste reduction, and
  • environmental responsibility.

It helps reduce our carbon footprint and conserve scarce resources.

Sustainable fashion empowers communities, preserves artisanry, and promotes inclusivity. Look for certifications like:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Global Recycled Standard, and
  • Bluesign for safe and sustainable products.

For a guide to sustainable fashion certifications please refer to: Simple Guide to Sustainable Fashion Certifications | Sustainable Fashion Blog | Project Cece

There is no doubt that sustainable fashion is on the rise as we see increasing numbers of designers and brands embrace sustainability through circular economy models that include recycling, and waste reduction.

Ready to act? Here’s a plan:

  • Start by evaluating your wardrobe and making conscious choices when adding new pieces.
  • Educate yourself about sustainable fashion, share your insights with your network, and amplify the voices of sustainability advocates.
  • Become a mindful consumer and advocate for change – we can collectively transform the fashion industry into a force for positive impact.

Join the movement. Embrace sustainable fashion. Let your style make a difference!

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