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BREEAM and LEED dominate the environmental assessment of buildings. Government departments require BREEAM ratings of all their buildings and most local authorities require BREEAM as part of planning approval for developments over a certain size. Many organisations also use their assessment methodologies.

BREEAM, originating from the UK, is a particularly popular accreditation in the UK, but also offers a global perspective. LEED (from the USA), is more popular further afield including in USA, Canada, UAE and, of course, UK in a niche sense whilst also offering a global reach.

Carbonbit uses qualified assessors in both BREEAM and LEED and can work with you in multiple jurisdictions to accredit your buildings.

To help you decide which is the most appropriate method see below a table of their strengths and weaknesses although if you are a UK company it makes sense to use BREEAM unless advised to the contrary by your parents.

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