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Business Sustainable Training - Educating Employees for a more Sustainable Future

  • Energy efficiency / renewable energy
  • Net Zero
  • Circular Economy
  • Class based / hybrid / recorded to suit requirements

Sustainability extends far beyond the Workplace

Providing sustainability training is an important step in enhancing your responsible business credentials and informing employees about the choices they make at work and at home in driving the sustainability agenda.

Often, the businesses with the most impactful sustainability initiatives are successful because they educate their employees about the issues and include them in the process.

Carbonbit’s training gives insight and updated information in a way that makes the audience sit up and think, and believe they can actually make a difference. Whether class-based, remote or hybrid training, the time for action is now. Topics include energy efficiency, net zero, the circular economy, ISO50001, ISO14001, ethical auditing and sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability TRaining