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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Service Consultants

  • Specialist environmental guidance
  • Services driven by project type
  • Full project lifecycle support

What is an EIA?

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) evaluates the likely environmental implications of a proposed project or development. The assessment considers inter-related socio-economic, cultural, and human-health impacts, as well as the effects on the environment. Both beneficial and adverse impacts will be assessed.

4 Stage EIA Process leading to the planning application

  1. Screening– determines which projects/developments require a full or partial impact assessment.
  2. Scoping– identifies which potential impacts are relevant to assess.
  3. Assessment and evaluation – of the impacts, and development of some alternatives
  4. Reporting– the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or EIA report

Why Choose Carbonbit?

Our team of EIA consultants will work directly with you to look at your proposed development and advise on likely effects on the environment. We will assess the impacts of your project or development and recommend appropriate changes. Our experienced and actively engaged staff will help you minimise the impacts of your project / activities.

Let’s collaborate!