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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) Support & Advice

  • MEES regulations support for Landlords
  • Minimum “E” EPC strategies and funding
  • Planning advice for future changes
  • Are your buildings compliant with energy rating legislation?


What Is MEES?

MEES Regulations require a minimum energy efficiency level for privately rented properties throughout England and Wales.

The MEES rules state that a landlord cannot renew an existing tenancy if the property has an EPC rating of F or lower. The same applies to granting a new tenancy lasting for longer than six months. If the rating is lower than F, then the landlord could be liable for a substantial fine. The two principal regulations that landlords need to know:

  • landlords of non-domestic private rented properties (including public sector landlords) cannot grant a tenancy to new or existing tenants if their property has an EPC rating of band F or G (shown on a valid Energy Performance Certificate for the property)
  • from 1 April 2023, landlords must not continue letting a non-domestic property which is already let if that property has an EPC rating of band F or G.

What are the Penalties for failing to Comply?

Any landlord in breach of the MEES rules for less than three months will be charged a financial penalty. The amount charged will be 10% of the property value, anything from a minimum of £5,000 up to a maximum of £150,000.

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