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Grants And Project Finance

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  • Grant funding support
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  • Off balance-sheet

Why not consider off-balance sheet funding?

Grants And Project Finance

Your facility is one of your biggest assets. The conditions of a building are experienced directly by staff and visitors alike. So, having it functioning in the way that best reflects you and your organisation is an ongoing challenge, even in the best of circumstances.

Technology used to heat, cool or provide light has developed significantly in recent years. Through improved efficiencies and developments in controls it has never been easier to reduce energy bills, while improving comfort.

Additional benefits can include an increased sense of control on the part of staff, improved operational efficiency, improved client comfort etc.

At Carbonbit we understand the fine balance that exists between investing in your core activities and the need to have a building, which is working as hard as it can for you.

How does it work?

We take care of the project design, installation and monitoring.

Our financial partners who specialise in investing in energy efficiency projects, pay for 100% of the project costs, with no upfront costs to you.

We guarantee the savings at the beginning of the project, some of which is used to pay the investor, the rest is passed on directly to you.

Step 1 – Assessment

We now need to get some information from you, including your last 12 months’ electricity, gas and water bills. We’ll take a look and let you know whether we believe the offering will work for you.

Step 2 – Qualification

Once we’ve identified potential areas where the investment may benefit you, we need to conduct a survey and begin the design work.

Step 3 – Delivery

Now we know our investor, insurer and most importantly you are happy with the proposal, it’s time to sign agreements and get on with the installation.

Step 4 – Monitoring and verification

Giving continuity to the project, we monitor performance throughout its life, enabling further opportunities to work with you to maximise the savings you make.

Let’s collaborate!