TM44 Inspections For Your Air Conditioning

(Air Conditioning Inspection Reports)

  • Stay legally compliant
  • Improve your systems’ energy efficiency
  • Reduce aircon operating costs
  • Reduce carbon emissions

“Emissions from the cooling sector are set to grow by 90% by 2050” UNEP 2019

What Is a TM44 Inspection?   

In conducting a TM44 inspection, Carbonbit will complete review your air conditioning system and suggest practical improvements.

The aim is to ensure your system is legally compliant and efficiently reduces the carbon emissions that your air conditioning system produces. One of our highly skilled energy assessors will highlight improvements to the operation of existing systems. Alternatively, we may point out opportunities to replace older, less energy-efficient systems (or oversized systems) with new energy-efficient systems.

The inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of air conditioning systems ensure they remain in good working condition. It’s crucial to maintain healthy and comfortable environments for building occupants, limiting the escape of refrigerant gases and ensuring the safety of the equipment.

What Does A TM44 Inspection Report Include?

The primary purpose of a TM44 inspection report is to ensure that the building owner (or manager) is provided with thorough information regarding the efficiency of the air conditioning systems they control. Advice will be provided to improve the system’s energy efficiency, identifying opportunities to save energy and reduce operating costs.

The air conditioning inspection report will include at least the following details:

  • The efficiency of the system and any suggestions made for improvement

  • Any faults identified during the inspection and the suggested actions

  • The adequacy of equipment maintenance and any suggestions for improvement

  • The adequacy of the installed controls and control settings and any recommendations made for improvement

  • The current size of the installed system concerning the cooling load and any suggestions for improvement

  • A summary of the findings and the critical recommendations for the air conditioning system

Why Choose Carbonbit?

At Carbonbit, our highly qualified and experienced team helps your organisation meet legal requirements around air conditioning. Through the TM44 report we will suggest improvements to your systems to both save running costs and minimise the environmental impact from your operations. Our inspection of your air condition system helps to ensure optimum performance. 

Take action now and reduce the environmental impact of your air conditioning and stay compliant. Contact us today to find out more. We can discuss your requirements and talk about how we can help you.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.