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Friday Blog Series 3: Be Clean, Go Green!

Let’s keep 1.5 alive!

Our next series will be tips on how you can make a difference, big or small, to be clean and go green! We want to help you understand ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, to do your part towards keeping 1.5 alive.

Why is keeping 1.5 alive important?

In the past 140 years, since pre-industrial times, the Earth’s temperature has risen by around 1.1°C. If there is a rise in global temperature, the Earth will see many more extreme weather variations, changing seasons, melting ice caps, and rising sea level. Arctic sea ice is melting at a shocking rate of 9% per decade due to Arctic temperatures rising 3x faster than the rest of the globe!

To put the temperature changes into context, when the Earth was 6°C colder than today, the Earth was experiencing an ice age and if global temperatures were 4°C warmer than today and there would be alligators in the Arctic! Small changes in global temperatures have such huge impacts on our climate.

Our goal is to provide you with tips on how you can go green, as everything you do matters, whether it is putting your rubbish in the correct recycling bins or switching your lights off, every step matters.

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